February 11

Yesterday in Sociology we played a Speed Dating game which was an exercise designed to help the students understand gender and particularly the interactionist gender theory which explains how we learn to express our gender through interactions with others.

It was a very lively exercise and all of the students really got into it which was great.  The thing that really struck me was the reaction of some of the students before we even entered the room.

I met them at the door and welcomed them to Speed Dating.  I did not let anyone enter the school’s Media Center until the bell rang and I welcomed them.  One girl told me I was being really weird and that I was scaring her.  Another girl told me she didn’t want to come in.  I thought this was really strange as the only thing I did differently than regular class days was meet and greet them and not let them in until the bell rang.

This did not seem particularly odd or threatening to me, but apparently from a studen’ts point of view it was seen much differently.  This makes me think that when things are changed or out of the ordinary, people do not always see this as a positive thing.  Change is difficult, I know that.  I guess I just didn’t realize exactly how difficult it appears.  We become accustomed to our daily routine and any little change appears to be upsetting.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can count on God who is unchaning and always right there with us?  We don’t have to fear or worry when we remember his promises.  What a blessing that is.

Father, thank you for your constant care and guidance.  Help me to demonstrate my dependence on you in the face of everyday change.  Amen.

Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6


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