February 21

It’s hard to believe that my son’s oldest child is 14 today.  I can remember his birth clearly. Now he lives far from here, but we can be connected by phone, text, Face Time in minutes.

One of the traditions in our family is to receive a call on your birthday and to hear singing.  I texted my daughter in law for the best time and then it passed and I knew I had missed it, but undeterred I called anyway and got the message recording.  Since I was in the middle of teaching my missions adventure class on Sunday evening, I got them to help me sing ‘Happy Birthday.”

Not long after that my phone signaled a call from my grandson and I encouraged my church kids to help me sing again.

After singing my grandson and I talked for a bit.  I enjoyed the time we got to spend together and he told me how much he had enjoyed his birthday gifts including dinner that night at his favorite pizza place.

Special days come and go, but the memories associated with those days linger on blessing us daily.

Father, thank you for memories which bless me daily.  Amen

Philippians 1:3-5; Luke 2:19

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