February 22

Do you ever wonder how much influence television has on kids today?  We all think of this is a negative sense with violence and adult themes topping the list of concerns.

Today I saw the influence of television in a completely different light.  The Spanish class at school had a taco competition and the teacher asked me to take photos for her and to help judge the tacos.

The class was divided into groups and given ingredients they were required to use.  Each group had to bring their own protein and this ran the gamut from sausage to chicken to beef. The students were require to make and plate a taco for each of the judges and then they could make tacos for themselves and eat them.

One groups stood out in the class.  It was composed of one boy and two girls.  The boy took charge and gave each of the girls a task and directed all of their activities.  This group was the first done and I knew from his chopping skills and the plating that he must cook at home and probably watched cooking shows so I asked him.  My guess was correct.  Their taco was very good and the plating was especially nice.  I could see the other groups start to copy him as they worked on their tacos.

The influence of the cooking shows he watches was quite evident in his use of the ingredient and the presentation and not surprisingly they were awarded first place for presentation.

It was very interesting to view the influence his presentation had on the other groups.  One group in particular (the largest with five students) decided to forego the group concept and each student make and presented his own taco.  I think there was a bit of competition involved, but the other issue underlying their behavior was their lack of ability in working together.

It was an interesting event and really showed me how television can have positive influences that are often overlooked in the zeal to point out the negative effects of the media.

Father,  I am thankful that there are positive influences of television.  Help me to look for the positive every day and to help others see it as well.  Amen.

Psalm 23: 1-6






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