February 25

A few days ago I made an angel food cake for a friend’s birthday.  That got me thinking about angel food cakes.  A girl from church told me her favorite cake was angel food and I was surprised.  I almost never hear of anyone eating this particular cake.

When I was young growing up my mom always made an angel food cake for my birthday.  The big deal was that she took the powdered sugar box and cut a circle large enough to cover the hole in the center.  Then she frosted the cake top and sides and wrote Happy Birthday on it.  The best part was that the birthday child got the cardboard piece covered in frosting and since it was your birthday you got to scrape it all off and eat it.

I am sure that on any other day this would never have been allowed and it was a great big deal to the birthday child.  Today I can’t imagine eating all that frosting with no cake.  It seems terrible, but as a child I remember waiting with bated breath to get that cardboard piece.

Usually I serve angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream or even with a mixture of other berries.  I don’t even frost it any more.

Aw, how times have changed, but oh, those memories.  They are the best.

Father, thanks for the many special memories I have of my Mom and my childhood.  They are a blessing.  Thank you.  Amen.

John 14:26



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