February 26

Rest.  Do you get enough of it?  Do I?

Everyone has been bugging me about rest lately.  And truly I have been trying to heed their advice and get more of it.  I go to bed early and force myself not to get up too early, but my problem is that I wake up in the night and I can’t always go back to sleep. I know the danger of thinking too much when I wake up because then I will never go back to sleep.

I remember one time as a child when our family was on vacation and I woke up and complained I couldn’t go back to sleep and my dad told me to count fish swimming through a knothole in a board in the creek.  I thought it was so funny, but I began counting and sure enough I fell back asleep.

As an adult that technique doesn’t work very well any more.  I try going through the alphabet and praying for someone whose name starts with that letter and that works some times,.  Other times I have to go through the alphabet again and try to sing a hymn in my head that starts with that letter.  If I can’t think of one, I just skip it and keep going and then come back to it.

I know that rest is important, but when I wake up I usually think I am awake for a reason and that there is someone who needs my prayers and that God is reminding me of this.

My rest is in the Lord who gives me strength for the day.  I need to rest in this thought.

Father, help me to truly rest in you and your grace and mercy.  Amen.

Exodus 33:14; Matthew 11:28-30


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