February 27

Today was Homecoming at the High School where I teach dual credit courses.

It is also the school where I taught 20 years and was the instructor for the yearbook class.  I have been taking candid pictures for a long time and recently the person who was taking pictures moved away so I have been filling in.

It is a lot of fun as I know all of the students and tonight was the crowning of the king and queen and yesterday was the Senior-Parent recognition celebration.

Everyone is happy to see me taking picures but the guy who was doing it put them on the web and I haven’t so there are a lot of peole clamoring for me to do that.

I actually tried with the help of a student, but I was unsuccessful.  I hope to try again in the very near future and hopefully this time I will be more successful.  I know people love photos.  But the big deal today is having them in a digital format and on social media.  No one seems to want an actual picture for a frame any more which seems odd to me, but perhaps that is my age showing.

I love pictures you can see everyday if you want to.  I guess I could look at them on Facebook, but it doesn’t seem the same.  It’s like texting.  That doesn’t seem the same as actually talking on the phone.  Here again it my age showing.  I am a true Digital Immigrant and not a Native for certain.

Times are a changing, but thankfully our God is unchangeable.  His grace, mercy, and peace are always there to surround me.

Father, I am so thankful for your mercy, grace and peace which are unchanging.  I am blessed. Amen.

Hebrews 13:8


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