February 28

While I was in SUnday School this morning an old student came to see me.

He had been in town as a referee for the high school Homecoming games and I knew he was interested in seeing me.  I was his teacher half days in fifth grade many years ago.  He wanted to reminisce and tell me about his sibilngs and ask questions about my family.

The thing I found interesting was the differences in our memories.  Things that stood out to him were vastly different from the things that I remembered.  I am sure this is because of the  difference in age when they occurred.  He was just a kid of 11 and I was an adult with a family.

It was great to talk with him and be reminded of that year in my life.  The biggest memory I had about him was the time he asked me some question about church and God.  I answered him and then he wanted to know if I was going to be in trouble.  I assured him I was not in trouble.  He persisted in worrying about this and I asked him how the conversation started.  He said he asked a question.  I asked him if I told him he had to believe my answer and he said no and then I told him I was not in trouble.  I can remember this incident so clearly.  Before our conversation was over, all the class was listening and we had a good discussion.

Memories are great things.  They help us connect with people and they help us pass on stories to our families.  I know I treasure those memories.

Father,  thank you for memories and for renewing old acquaintances.  Help me to make every moment count. Amen.

Phliippians 1:3-5; Luke 2:19




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