March 2

If you don’t start, you can’t possibly finish.

God made us all unique and different, but at times I can see those differences demonstrated  in stark ways.  I have students who procrastinate until the very last minute to finish their assignments.  Others tackle them the minute the assignment is announced. Still others take a different approach.  They seem to do a little every day, pacing themselves until they complete the required work.

You never know what an adult was like as a kid or a student, but their behavior makes you wonder.  I recently heard about a person who thinks there is a possible job opening in a field they really enjoy.  This person confided in me that there is a lot of work involved in applying for this job if it does open up and the last time there was an opening they were not prepared to apply.  I encouraged them to start now to get ready.

The person agreed that would be good, but then they reiterated the amount of work involved and the unknowns.  I believe getting a jump on it is the best solution.  You’ll be ready if the opportunity presents itself and even if it doesn’t you’ll be ready for other opportunities.

If you don’t start, you can’t possibly finish and God will help you by sending you people to help you along the way.]

Father, thank you for the blessing of being able to start so I can finish.  Help me to reach the finish line in life being strong for you.  Amen.

2 Timothy 4:7





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