March 5

Never say never.

I always was adamant that I did not want a Facebook page and I still feel that way BUT I do have a page for photos as of today.  One of the students in my class came over and made a page for me to put photos on.  They are of events at school.

I am hoping I did the right thing.  Some people have told me tht it is not good to put pictures of people on the Internet and I tend to agree.  I only did the Facebook page because so many parents wanted these pictures and urged me to put them out there.  Since I do have the option to take them down, I finally agreed.

There was a guy locally who used to take these photos and put them on Facebook, but he no longer lives here and everyone was bugging me about this.  I am hoping I did the right thing.

The funny thing is that my helper did not spell my name right and it was difficult to change it.  I even got a message from Facebook about it which was rather comforting.

I am sure time will tell if I did indeed do the right thing, but I am confident God will show me if I should change or remove the page and its contents.

Father I am thankful you are always there to guide me and I pray you will help me to wait on you.  Amen.

Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 27L13-14



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