March 7

Today was a red letter day!

We have a great dual credit program (now called concurrent enrollment) in our college/high school.  Students can take college classes as high school students and with an eye for their goal and diligence on their part  they can graduate with an AA degree before they get their high school diploma.

This causes a little problem with explanations to colleges they are transferring to, but we are able to iron these out successfully.

Today we learned that one of our own graduates will be the valedictorian of the 22 member graduating class in April. This includes our 6 graduates and graduates from the other two campuses.

When she heard the news, she was dismayed because along with the honor she must give a short speech.  I tried to give her a pep talk and she finally agreed she could do it but I know it will take more coaxing as the time draws closer.

I love good surprises and it was great to hear one of our graduates has achieved this honor.

Father, you are the greatest and you do the best things for us.  Thank you.  Amen.

I Timothy 1:17



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