March 9

I love light!

This is such an amazing time of year in Alaska.  The days are getting noticeably longer and when it is not raining, there is so much light it is astonishing.

Our office has no windows and we can see out of the windows in the adjoining room, but only if we get up to look.  So consequently when we actually leave the building it is rather stunning to see how light it is.  I am always amazed.

Light has a wonderful effect on people.  When it is sunny in Cordova people are more cheerful, they smile more and laugh often.  They have a better attitude and a sunnier disposition.  You can see an actual difference in their behavior and it transfers over at school too which is very nice.

Of course when we walk in the light, things go better all around, but it is hard to get people to realize that.  The light of Jesus does not always transfer over to the understanding of light in our lives.  We have to just keep shining and being the light in this world so that others may see.

Father, your light fills the world and brings us joy.  Help me to be your light in this world.  Amen.

John 8:12; 1:5


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