March 10

Things are often not what they seem.

This is the time of year students are applying for college and scholarships and one of the most coveted scholarships here in Alaska is the WUE, the Western Undergraduate Exchange.  This scholarship allows a student to attend an out of state school at 1.5% of the school’s resident tuition rate.

Recently the scholarship office of one of these schools indicated to me that the student in question would not receive this scholarship and I had thought this might be correct based on past performance. However, this morning the mom of the student told me that the student had received a letter granting him the scholarship which is a huge blessing and a really big deal.

If you had asked me, I would have told you I thought it was next to impossible for this to happen.  Today’s news just shows what I have learned in life, that things are often not what they seem.  Granted, this can be the opposite as well.  Something that seems good can turn out to be less than stellar, but in this case, what seemed to be a negative situation turned out to be really positive.

Because this is true, I think we have to guard against making dire predictions prior to hearing all the facts and prior to the final outcome.  I hear people making broad generalizations and proclamations that are not true and having a negtive attitude that is not helpful to them or those around them.

Jesus wants us to stop fretting and to trust him.  I think failing to wait for all the information on a particular topic falls into this category. God bless you as you trust in him.

Father, help us to trust in you and to avoid those sweeping statements that are unhelpful and can do more harm than good.  Amen.

Psalm 56:3-4



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