March 11

I love parties!

I really like going to parties, but best of all I like to give parties.  Today we are haping a birthday party for the woman I knit with at the hospital. She is in long term care and her birthday was yesterday.  Her daughter thought our party should be today as she would be too full of birthday treat yesterday.

One woman is bringing enchiladas and I am bringing enchilada soup (which tastes nothing like enchiladas, but is “Mexicany.”  Her daughter is bringing the cake.  We are going to use the activity room which is big enough for everyone to sit at a table.  I think it will be fun and Barb should enjoy it.  She likes spicy food and Mexican food in particular.

There are a lot of the dishes they serve the residents that do not appeal to her and she subsitutes baked potato a lot.  The nurses are always kidding her that she will turn into a baked potato because she eats so many.

Tomorrow a friend and I are giving our pastor’s wife a birthday tea which should be a lot of fun too.  I am looking forward to it.

Being able to share my gift of hospitality is a blessing and I need to use it more frequently. God gave us all gifts and as we share them we are most happy and blessed.

Father, thanks for blessing us with gifts we can share with others.  Amen.

I Peter 4:9-10



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