March 12

Two are better than one.

I love to give parties, but after today’s party, I know for a fact that two are better than one.  My friend and I decided to give our pastor’s wife a birthday tea.  My friend thought we should use the Downton Abbey theme and it was a really great idea.  She did all the arranging and I did the food.  We started out with about 10 people and it grew to 18 and we tried out best to figure out how to fit them in and finally came up with a plan.  But when five people didn’t show up, things got a lot more comfortable.  We had Downton Abby tea  and played Downton Abbey games and she made the cutest name cards.  The tea sandwiches and little decorated cookies as well as scones were a hit and everyone had a great time.

But I know for certain that the party would never have been so wonderful if I had done it by myself.  I really needed the expertise of my friend, as well as the time she put into the arrangements.  I am good with the food, but she added all the little touches that made it really special.

We usually think two are better than one refers to married couples, but in this case it was two people who wanted to do something special for another friends.

Jesus really helps us before we even know it.  I am so thankful and blessed.

Father, you are the best.   You always give us just what we need.  Thanks.  Amen.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


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