March 19

God’s blessings are beyond imagination.

Today I went to a party not expecting to see a young woman I had had in school long, long ago.  She had been a troubled teen and had brought a lot of sorrow to her family, but here she was, a new creation in Christ.  She was kind, and thoughtful.

As I started to leave the party she began to ask me questions about digital photography and specifically about her camera.  It was a different brand than the one I use and I did not know a lot of its features, but I could explain the concepts of white balance, flash and some of the settings on it.  She was very open to listening and to asking appropriate questions and I thought back years ago to the girl I had known.  She did not resemble the young woman before me.

I spent a good amount of time with her and it was a joy to see her interactions and to see the changes in her behavior.  I know God is all powerful and we expect great things from him.  We pray and we pray, but often we do not know the consequences of those prayers.  I felt especially blessed to see this young woman and to view the changes in her life.  What an answer to prayer it was to be able to talk and share with her.

I am awed.

Father thank you for blessing me with seeing firsthand the answer to prayers in the past.  What a joy it was to see your hand at work.  Amen.

Romans 12:12; Philippians 4:4


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