March 23

We live in a very complex world.

Our college site is approved to give three different national tests and each one of these has its own specific assessment procedures.  Trying to keep them all straight is a bit difficult.  I have the user names and passwords recorded and in my Rolodex and I have completed the test administrator training and certification.

The problem for me seems to be in the different nuances I need to remember.  The procedures are very similar with small changes and I need to be able to keep them all distinct.  I think this is an issue because we don’t test people for these three certifications every day.  When you do somthing daily, it becomes so routine that you have no difficulty in remembering just what to do and in what order.  When you only do something once in  great while, it is harder to keep those procedures in the uppermost part of your mind.

I am thankful there are tutorials I can review and there are people I can call.

After six hours of technical support yesterday I think all of my testing computers are up and running.  Our first client is going to register and will be here soon for his and our first test.  I hope it goes smoothly, but even if it doesn’t I am not really worried.  I am sure that utlimtely we will be able to provide him the help he needs to complete the test.

In the meantime I will review the tutorials and try my best to be prepared.  Our world is complex, but we can get the help we need to navigate our way through it.

Father, thank you for the blessing of knowing you are there to help us with our naviagation through life.  Amen.

John 14:6





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