March 24

It’s 50 degrees!  Wow!

Our weather has been amazing the last few days.  It was 50 in the late afternoon and today is headed to 54.  We keep getting forecasts for snow, but even on those days the temperatures are supposed to be in the forties which make snow unlikely in my humble opinion.

Fifty degree weather in March is really unusual, but wonderful all the same.  It is so nice and just makes people feel peppy and happy.  I have always observed this effect when the sun shines, but that does not alway coincide with higher temperatures.  Having sun and temperatures in the fiftie is a double blessing.

It makes me notice more signs of Spring, budding branches, green grass or even weeds, and hopefully, flowers soon.

It really reminds me of the song we sing in Sunday School–“Everything’s alive at Easter, springtime comes anew, daffodils pop through the earth where I forgot they grew.But most of all when Easter comes I know that Jesus lives so thank you lord for all your love and for the life you give.”

Father, thank you for the wonderful gift of Jesus and for Spring. Amen

John 11:25


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