March 28


I am a talker and anyone who knows me will confirm the truth of that statement.  I talk to God just like I talk to myself and to most people.  Some people think I talk too much and I am sure to them that is true.  I miss talking to my husband who liked to talk as much as I do.  We talked all the time.

In all honesty I think I talk more to God now than when my husband was alive.  I did pray every day and often, but probably not as much as I do now.  Since I live alone, I can talk out loud as much as I want and there is no one there to be bothered by that habit of mine.

My mother in law often admonished me to quit talking to myself so much, but I never was able to stop.  In this case it is a good thing.  I can run around my house all day talking out loud to God and that helps me solve problems, find hope and encouragement and feel nearer to my best friend Jesus.

In my prayer time I guess I am like a little kid.  I just say whatever I need to say or feel like saying and I feel all right with that.  Right this minute I am expressing my frustration with on of the testing situations we are trying to set up and I am rejoicing that I had a spare period to use to work through the problem.  All of this is happening while I am thanking God for my granddaughter whose birthday is today and with whom I was just able to speak.

God is so good and I am so blessed and so thankful.

Father, you are amazing and I am so thankful.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:17; Luke 11:9



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