March 30

Zucchini lasagna

I tried out a new recipe last night.  I am scheduled to bring dinner to a family with new twins (they already have a et of two year old twins) and the mom has celiac disease so that means no gluten.  A friend  had seen a zucchini lasagna recipe which she printed out for me.  In face she gave me three different recipes so I decided to try it.  Because zucchini has so much water in it you have to get some of it out before you use it. You slice the zucchini in 18 inch long strips and lay it on paper towels.  Lightly sprinkle with sale and let it sit for 10 minutes.  Blot away the water and turn the zucchini over and treat the other side. After the blotting is done, lightly grill it.  I did this in a pan on the stove but you could use your outdoor grill too.

Then you just use the zucchini in place of the regular noodles.  You layer with sauce, mozarella cheese and the ricotta/egg/parmesan mixture and bake.

I am really curious about the taste.  I don’t have the nerve to just take a bite out of the pan before I deliver it later this afternoon.  I am hopeful they will be totally truthful to me regarding the taste.  I would have made myself a tiny bit, but in spite of buying the biggest zucchini I could find, it wasn’t enough to make extra.

It’s interesting to me how many alternatives there are for foods that we need substitutes for.  I am so glad this is true as it makes life much better for those needed special diets.

Father thank you for the creativity so many people exhibit in regard to food and recipes and diet. What a blessing that is to those who need it.  Amen

Exodus 35:31-32; 35; Psalm 139:14


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