April 1

April Fools!!

I guess my April Fools is the fact that I posted March 25 today.  As I was looking through my blog I saw it was missing and I remembered writing it.  Wondering where it was I looked through my drafts and there it was, unposted.  Why, I can’t say.  But here it is on April Fools Day, a little late.

Today we are involved in the third Alaska Shield Exercise which is designed to prepare us for a traumatic event.  Today’s event is a shooter in the high school and reunification of the students with their parents.  I am the official photographer and it will interesting to see how the day unfolds.  I need to be in several places at the same time and I am also supposed to take some posed photos before it begins, but it will definitely not be boring.  Several of my students have volunteered to be victims so that will be intresting as well.

I have lists, notes and a pink dot and a vest will identify me to the other participants.  It is pouring rain and windy which will add to the exercise I am sure.

Our key phrase is THIS IS AN EXERCISE.  I have been involved in the other two AK Shield exerpiences so I have a little idea of what to expect, but we have never done this one before.  The kids have had ALICE training, but the “shooter” will not go down the hall so it will be interesting to see how it unfold.

I trust God for today.  It is definitely in his hands.

Father, help everyone to play their part well and for no one to really get hurt.  Help me to do my best.  Amen.

Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 56:3-4


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