April 2

Blueberry blossoms in March ???

We were driving past the church and I pulled over when the cell phone rang.  I had been trying to contact a friend who needed a photo DVD from me after the Alaska Shield Emergency Drill today and yesterday.  The person with me startled me with the   announcement that the blossoms on the nearby bushes were blueberry blossoms.

We got out and she used my camera to take some photos.  I came back after I took her home and took some more using my macro lens. At this point the sun was out so they were even more beautiful.

It is so early to see these blossoms.  They are so pink and beautiful and it was fun just to photograph them.

I had been promising myself to start taking photos of nature’s beauty and there it was right in front of me.  I was so happy and it just made my soul sing to see this great example of God’s glorious creation.

Father, I love you so much.  Your creation is so fantastic and so beautiful.  Thank you for letting me see it today.  Amen.

Psalm 8


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