April 7


Today I discovered that just one person can make a huge difference.  I want to say it was for the good, but I can’t.  The day before two kids were absent and the class was so quiet I was rather surpried.  I had always thought that these two were the ones making the difference, but today one was present and one was absent and I realized it was one particular person who was making the difference.

Just think about that.  One person can make the difference and that difference could be for the good if that person is directed in the right direction.  Sometimes that is hard to do, but maybe we need to look around and start early to direct people in the right direction.  We can find a child of elementary age and when we see that motive for good we cn encourage him or her to move in the right direction.

As I reread my words it seems that this is something I should hvae known.  Maybe I did, but maybe I needed a push myself.  Actually I have a crazy idea for the Christian Center and I am engaging one of these students to assist me and he is really on board with it.  I am hoping to gently and subtly move him in the right direction.

Father, I am amazed at the many different ways you push and encourage me to move in the right direction.  Help me to encourage others to also move in that direction. Amen.

Psalm 32:8


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