April 18


I have a daily prayer journal that sits on the counter in my bathroom.  Today the entry was about the Prayer of Relinquishment.  I thought this was pretty appropriate since I had realized how much I needed to let go of situations that I have been trying to control.

Actually I have been praying about this letting go in earnest and I am hopeful  I will be successful.  There is no doubt that God is in charge and I want him to be in charge.  I just have a terrible temptation to try to seize the problem myself and solve it.

I remember one time long, long ago when I wanted to tell God what to do and I wanted to know why he didn’t do things a specific way.  My husband genrly informed me that if I knew everything God knew I would be equal to him and did I want the responsibility.  Of course my answer was no.  In no way do I want to be equal to God, but this certainly put me in my place and since that time I have tried not to insist to God that I know all the answers.  I just didn’t equate this wanting to know with trying to solve things my way.  Now that I see it in this light I think I will have an easier time of letting God be in charge and setting back from the issue.

Father, you are awesome in deed and I pray that I can and will truly let go and let you be in charge.  This is my desire.  Amen

Isaiah 45:6-7


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