April 25


I have used Photoshop for years, but recently I have not used it on a very consistent basis. Now that I am teaching it again I am having more opportunities to become reacquainted with it.  However, a lot has changed since I first learned it and every new update is filled with new tools and new ways to accomplish specific goals.

I was trying to accomplish a specific task and having trouble so I decided to let my students try to solve the problem.  Some of them were relatively successful and others did not try very hard.  However, all of us wanted to accomplish a very specific task and none of us could do it.  After class I googled it and discovered that it was a very simple skill using just one tool and soon my project was looking better.

Then I wanted to do one more task and I asked a student in another class who had helped me previously to come show me her technique again.  She did and she also refined the first task we had been working on and it looked 100% better.  I am sure she is as excellent with the tools as she demonstrates because she uses the program on a daily basis.

A lot of Photoshop is using it all the time.  In most everything I have ever done, the more I use it or repeat the skill, the better I get which is truly encouraging.  It also helps to have people you can ask when you get stumped.

Father, you help us in so many different ways.  Help me to never cease to find others who can help me learn.  Amen.

Proverbs 27:17


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