April 24

We had a lot of kids at church today and half of them were preschool aged.  One little girl came for the first time without her grandmother and she was a little concerned at the close of the coffee hour time when she had not been picked up.  I called and was able to reassure her that her grandpa was on his way.

This little girl is being raised by her grandparents following the death of her mom.  I overheard her Papa telling one of the women at church how thankful he was for a second chance.  I was really touched by his comment which he told with glistening eyes.

On another occasion Nana had commented that she wanted to bring her to church and not send her, that she had done neither with her daughter and this time she wanted to get it right.

Both of these comments made me think of other people I know whom I wished had heard and understood these remarks.  I am not sure everyone would understand the importance of a second chance or a “do over,” but it is obvious that these grandparents understand this.

Sometimes God gives us a second chance and it is important that we don’t miss the opportunities he sends us.  I know I have had many second chances in my life and I am grateful for each and every one.  I have missed opportunities to share this thankfulness with others and I want to remember not to miss another chance to tell others each time I am given this second chance.

Father, every second chance we receive is a gift from you.  Help me to acknowledge each and every one to others and to be very specific in their origin.  Amen.

John 3:17


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