May 5

Hamburger, beehive ??

What do they have in common?  This is the little three line icon at the far right of an opened page in a site on the computer.  And there is another word for it too, but I don’t know that one.

I would have never known about this if we didn’t have to start using a new program at work.  It made me think about how fast technology and software in particular is changing and how hard it is to keep up.

It also made me think how important it is to take time to stop and reflect, to think, to simple sit and just let God speak to you.  If I let myself really think about all the things around me that are changing and how my life might be affected, I would probably go crazy. There is so much to know and so much to learn and I do my best so I can do my job effectively and well, but I just can’t take all of my time and concentrate on the things that can drive me nutty.  I have to stop and take time to “smell the roses” so to speak.

One of the worst things about my job is that our office is in a room with no windows.  When I go to the classroom, I can see the outdoors for the first time in the day and it is always a surprise to see what the weather is doing.  Sometime there is lots of rain and other times there is a little blue sky and some sun.  But regardless of what I see, I do see God’s creation and it is another reminder to take a few minutes and just think about God.

We all need all the reminders we can get daily.  God is definitely in control and we just need to trust him.

Father, thank you for your care and for your love.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness.  Amen

Psalm 32:10; Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 112:7


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