May 7

Parties and frustration………

We  had a great baby shower today and it went really well.  My frustration is with the fact that I had this post all finished and posted it and it is gone and the draft is gone too.  Phooey.

Anyway the young woman who helped me host the shower planned everything and I did the food and it was fun and really special.  We joked that we might go into the party giving business and immediately several women said they would hire us.

There were all sorts of special decorations, a 9 3/4 door to go through to come to the party, letters streaming in and she even sorted the guests into houses which then tried for points throughout the party with the games they played.

The honoree has Celiac’s so we had a special enchilada she could eat, green salad, fruit cups for dessert and pumpkin juice (orange colored lemonade) and Harry’s butter beer (recipe to follow).  It was lots of fun and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Butter beer:

Add 2 Tablespoons butter flavor to creme soda (in a bowl)

Whip 1 C whipped cream until  peaks form.

Add small jar of marshmallow creme and beat until blended.  This take a little time.

If you serve it in mugs leave room at the top for the whipped creme mixture.  The minute you add it to the creme soda, it starts to bubble and frost and it is really neat to watch.  It is very taste and our guests loved it.

It was fun and the clean up was quick which was amazing. It helps to have others to help in this aspect of the party.  If we ever did seriously consider giving parties, I would definitely be sure to include clean up help.  It is wonderful.

Father, thanks for fun times and good ideas and being able to honor others.  Amen

Exodus 35:31-32




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