May 12


We left for Newport News not long after I arrived in Washington D. C.  Tonight is the President’s Leadership Program recognition.  My granddaughter was a part of this program for her entire four years at CNU.

We got there in time to change clothes and get to the program.  We did have to sit in the back, but that was not a problem.  Several students and faculty spoke as well as the President of the college and his wife.  It was interesting.

After the program they took a huge group picture and I used my phone to take one also.  I can tell I am not good with the cell phone as a camera.  I did consider using a newer one, but that did not pan out.  So at this point, it is still my trusty camera.  I realize more and more that I need to solve the weight problem for travel.

Father, thank you in advance for the guidance I know you will give me to help me answer my questions.  Thank you.  Amen.

I John 5:14-15


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