May 14


The day dawned bright with a hint of rain in the sky.  However, it soon became apparent that there would not be rain and the sun came out and promised a warm day.

We went to baccalaureate early as we were told there would be 650 guests with only 250 seats.  That was rather interesting as there were many, many seats available even at five minutes before the service began.

It was a nice service and my granddaughter was one of the three student speakers which was very nice.

Once the service was over we went to the graduation site itself to insure a good seat.  We found one near the front, but by this time the sun was out in force.  There were 1300+ graduates so it took a long time to call all the names.  Iwas surprised to see that every student had a hood.  Long ago when I graduated, only candidates for the Master’s degree wore hoods, but times have changed.

I suffered a little mishap when my toe caught a raised brick and I tumbled.  I stretched out my hand to steady myself, but the man near me abruptly pulled away and I fell to the grouind and into a concrete base.  I sustained a cut, broken glasses and what will become a black eye, but thankfully I am none the worse for wear so that is the very good news.  I am very thanful.

We met with the parents of my graddaughter’s boyfriend and a few of her friends for dinner at a local restaurant and that was very nice.

Once wer finished eating, we started for home which was accomplished in a relatively short drive (just 2.5) (Compared with other times when it has taken 5 hours).

It was a great day and I am glad I was able to travel here for the graduation ceremony.  It is important for me to be able to share in these family celebrations and establish memories for years to come.  After helping her learn to read and Richard teaching her to speed read and our home schooling her one year, her educatin has always been an important part of our lives.

Father, you know our heart’s desire which you meet blessing us always.  Amen

Psalm 37:4



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