May 20

It’s 2:10 and the halls are full of whooping….

Yes, it’s the last day of school for the Seniors and they are living in the moment.  Basically the celebrating has been going on for days this week and today is the culmination of their joy.

We had a big school wide assembly to honor our two exchange students and we took a school wide photo to give to them.  Several teachers and students came out to share their thoughts about the girls and the host families shared as well.  The Student Council members all spoke about their accomplishments during the year.

Then we all had cupcakes to celebrate.  I thought it went very well and was nice and should be a great memory for them.  Neither one had even been outside their home country of South Korea and Turkey.

I can’t remember our school having an exchange student in a very long time.

The best thing about it was how positive it was and how all the students entered into the celebration.  That doesn’t always happen which made today extra special.

Father, thank you for good, positive memories.  Give these girls safe travels home and ways to share their experiences.  Amen

Psalm 150:;1-6


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