May 21


I practiced my speech on my friend the hospital and she thought it was good.  I know I need to slow down as I talk fast to begin with and I talk faster when I get excited.

I went to the high school early so I could take a photograph of each senior.  Many of them wanted photos with friends too which I was happy to do.  I plan to upload them to Facebook tomorrow.

When it came time for the speech, I declined to wear an academic gown.  I was already quite warm.  I also asked the principal to give me the mic so I could hold it while I spoke and that would allow me to face the Class of 2016.

Once I began to speak I could hear my own voice and I knew I was loud enough.  I didn’t need to use my file card, and I felt good about it.  A lot of people gave me nice comments which was a blessing.

After the graduation ceremony, I had been invited to a lot of parties at the homes of various students.  Someone asked if I was going to attend them all and I said, “Yes.”  I didn’t stay long as I had also promised to make cinnamon rolls for the Senior breakfast and I knew I had to get up at 3:00am so I made my rounds and went home to my bed early.

I am thankful for God’s help with my speech and for the opportunitiy to share with the Class of 2016.

Father, you are always there to help me with my needs and to encourage me.  I am so blessed.  Amen.





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