May 22

More parties….

Today’s graduation party started while I was at the kids mission group, but I told one of the parents I would be late and they told me not worry, it was Filipino time.  I had to laugh over that.

When I got there, a wide array of food met my eyes and a huge number of people.  There was barely room to sit down.  People are alway surprised that I will eat Filipino food, but it is quite good and there are so many choices it is fun to attend a party given by them.

I had a good time talking to people and trying all the different foods, especially the different desserts.  There were several I had never eaten before.

It was fun to see the different people and to see the Seniors after their all night party.  They all admitted they had had a huge time of sleep before they came to the party.  I managed an hour nap myself, but I could definitely use more sleep.

It is kind of nice to have the celebrations spread out over several days.  It makes each one more enjoyable and gives me more time for sharing with others.

It seems like we should all find ways to share with others and to make our celebrations special in every way like this one.

Father, you give me so much to contemplate and help me find ways to share with others.  Thank you.  Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:4


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