May 23

Summer is on the way…

Today was our last day of Good News Kids for this school year.  It was all girls and our special treat was s’mores (made in the microwave).

The girls enjoyed their treats and we watched a new Veggie Tale video about Joseph.

I am so thankful for the opportunitiy to work with these kids in Kindergarten, First and Second grades and for the opportunity to share Bible stories with them.  Some of them go to church and some don’t.  Yesterday, their responses to the story of Joseph reminded me once again how important it is to repeat stories to them. They base all of their info on movies they have seen and I know you have to keep telling them what the Bible really says to help them understand.

I am thankful God blesses us with many opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with them and I am hopeful I will see them in Vacation Bible School next week.

Father, you are Lord of all and your wisdom is above all.  Let me never forget that.  Amen.

James 1:5


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