May 24


Today I am having a birthday dinner party for a friend.  She is inviting her co-workers and I got up this morning to make homemade ice cream for the ice cream sandwiches for our dessert.  I also made Mexican enchiladas with the new recipe from the baby shower.

My daughter taught me a neat trick where you make them in a round pan so you can serve them as pieshaped wedges which really worked well at the shower.  I layered the tortillas then the chicken Mixture, covered it with cheese and repeated these layers until the dish was full.  I ended with a tortilla covered with cheese.

We also also going to have green salad and I have chips and salsa.  I think it will work well.

I used canned chicken, diced green chilis and mixed them well for the chicken layer.  I had never made this particular type of enchilada until the shower, but it was very tasty.  I used corn tortillas and red sauce.

Yesterday one of the aides at school gave me some of her enchiladas and she used flour tortillas.  I confess they are not my favorite.  I like them OK, but I like corn tortillas much better.

I hope it will be a fun time.

Father, thank you for opportunities to celebrate with friends and to share special occasions with them.  Amen.

Luke 15:23


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