May 26

More of the unknown….

When I got my new glasses in Virginia the optometrist discovered the pressure in my left eye was too high, not by a lot, but definitely out of the normal range.  So today I go to see the eye doctor in Anchorage where they have more sophisticated tests.  He impressed on me that I had to go for these tests within two weeks.

I planned to go up at noon and return in the evening.  I used the taxi to make it easier to get around and after the tests that was a wise decision.

I also had time to go to Walmart to get some supplies for Vacation Bible School.

The answer to the tests “confounded” the doctor to use his words.  My left eye  passed all the tests except the pressure with flying colors.  The right eye had great pressure and did not pass all the tests.  He plans to treat the left eye first and then the right eye once he figures out what to do.

I have pseudoexfoliative glaucoma which means that my eye is sloughing off material and filing up the drain which lets the fluid out.  It is like a gutter full of leaves in the fall.  I will take eye drops twice a day for two weeks and then check and if needed change to different drops for two weeks and possibly laser surgery if that doesn’t work.  He asked if I could put the drops in myself and I told him I could.

So now it is wait and see.  I truly was not fretting this visit and I am confident I am in God’s hands so now I just need to remember to put the drops in and wait and see what unfolds.

Father, i am so thankful I am in your hands and that you have the big picture in mind.  Thank for for this silver lining to my fall.  Finding out I need help is a good thing.  I am blesssed.  Amen.

I John 5:14-15




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