May 27

Being tardy is not good….

I started to type and suddenly realized I needed to read my last post.  Ah, ha, being tardy is not good.  I had already relayed this info so now I will start over.

The work group arrived today and included my son and his entire family which is a nice blessing for me.  I am happy to have them here with me.  It is sunny today, but the weather is not expected to be sunny while they are here, but that is one of those things over which we have no control.

I fixed salmon for their first meal and quickly found out that not everyone is a fan of fresh salmon which was actually no surprise.  This is almost always true of every work group we have ever had in Cordova and I expected it.

I wonder how they feel about moose and venison.  I am guessing there will be mixed reactions if they are like most groups.  I think the longer you live in Cordova, the more you become accustomed to eating fish and game and it doesn’t faze most people although I do know a few that refuse these foods.

I will come up with an alternative on those days as I discover the likes and dislikes of the group members.  Choices are always good so this challenges my thinking.

Father, thank you for people who are willing to help us and thank you that you made each of unique individuals with specific likes and dislikes.  It takes all of us to make your world work.  Help me not to lose sight of that.  Amen.

Psalm 139:13-16


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