May 28


I knew today was going to be a busy day.  The work group is decorating for the first day of VBS and I have a wedding to photograph.  I enlisted the help of one of my high school students and I was happy she was there.

I started setting up at  1:00 and she joined me at 2:00 when I started photographing  the bride and her bridesmaids (7 in all).  Then we photographed the groom and his entourage and at 4:00 the wedding started.  I knew I was not going to take many photos during the wedding as I did not want to use flash and the pastor asked for no photos at all.  I confess I did take a few as they did a special Mexican knot with the parents involved.

After the ceremony we took other photos of the entire wedding party and then the bride and groom and I and my assistant went to the gazebo and some places with greenery for some special shots of the bride and groom.  We were pretty quick and we went to the reception which included a program with speaking and music.

Later of course there was the throwing of the bouquet and the garter and taking off in the groom’s truck complete with rice throwing and painted signs.  They drove to the upper parking lot and came back in the church to sign the license along with the groomsman and bridesmaid. After that they actually did leave.

It was a special day and the work group managed on their own with help from the ladies in the church and the pastor and his family. I was very thankful for that.

Father, thank you for giving me help throughout the day and for a good day filled with joy and happiness.  Amen.

Matthew 19:5


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