June 1, 2, 3

Gifts are vital to success…..

VBS has continued to be a huge success and I am sure it is because the leaders are gifted in what they are leading.  We have not had a music leader in many years.  I have done it by just singing with the videos, but there is a world of difference this year and I am certain it is because the music leader is truly gifted in music.  Sure, I can carry a tune and follow the music, but she has added so much depth to the music section and the kids love her.  When she volunteered to help I was excited.  Now I am even more excited.

The guys leading games are doing a great job and the craft leader is really into crafts which is a huge help.  She is excited, she prepares and it shows. The Bible Study leader is doing a great job too.  Plus, the woman who comes every day for the registration and organization of groups and taking care of the VBS offering has done it many times and does a great job.  I am truly thankful and blessed by this week.  The kids are excited to come and it has been fun to see their response to the various components of VBS.

I haven’t had a work group to help in a long time and there is a new element of excitement every day.

The work group seems to be having a good time with their afternoon projects too.

Father thanks for a wonderful week.  I am so blessed.  Amen.




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