June 8


That’s what it takes to be successful.  We continued to try to sell stuff on Cordova Classified and we made a few sales each day.  We finally decided to move the stuff home to the garage Thursday and we set it up on tables and the freezer top.  We made a few more sales, but we still have stuff left over.

Thankfully we decided to skip trying in the evenings and the kids did some fun things like visiting an old friend for Luke and getting a knotting lesson for Zoe.  Taking four wheelers for a long, long ride was on the docket too.

It has been a big, big push, but it is definitely worth the effort in getting the stuff left organized and getting the storage locker cleared out of our own stuff.  Now we have to get the others to get their things moved out too.  My son and I both think there is a little left on a shelf that we cannot see that belongs to us, but we will deal with it when it is found.

I am really thankful we have made such great progress and it is good to know that we have cleaned up the mess.

Father, thank you for helping us with this huge chore.  It is so good to see it coming to completion.  Amen.

Colossians 3:23


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