June 12

Lost and found….

I keep finding things that were left behind by my grandkids.  Some of them haven’t even been remembered by them, but I am sure they will be eventually.

It is really kind of funny.  There was so much scurrying around by so many people you would have thought one of us would have noticed these things.

The words lost and found make me think of the words to Amazing Grace.  We didn’t have a lot of big kids at Sunday School today and the older boy who was there was working on a Bible Bingo game based on the Beatitudes.  Since he is bilingual and has not been in America long, helping him understand these words is a challenge.  I think the words mercy and grace are a challenge for adults at times.  At any rate he seemed lost during parts of the explanation and then he would suddenly get it and he was truly “found” again.  It is wonderful to see comprehension take place when it is unexpected.

We are all like this–lost and found.  We lose our way or our understanding and then we find it and we truly “get” what Scripture is trying to teach us.

It is a wonderful thing to have understanding restored or given for the first time and I for one welcome that realization.  I want to be found by Jesus when I become lost and I am thankful that he never gives up on us.

Father, you are the Good Shepherd, seeking the lost and finding us and rsetoring our hope.  Thank you.  Amen.

Luke 15:3-7


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