July 2

A busy day…

I ran around between the hospital and seeing my friend and going to the church for the ladies’ day.  The women were all sewing bags for groceries, but I just visited.  Then I went home at   noon to meet with the young girl who is decorating the church monthly birthday cake.

We had a lot of icing left so I made sugar cookies and she decorated them too.  Even though she took some home I have lots left over to give away.  This is when I miss my granddaughter from Kansas who loved to pass out treats around town.  I love to make them, but I would love to have someone to give them away for me.  That would be a blessing.  I need to look for someone who would like to do that.

In the evening I made salmonberry/blueberry ice cream for a friend.  We decided that while it tasted great, next time we would drain the juice to get rid of the seeds.  I actually thought about it, but we weren’t sure so I left them in.  Now I know.

He brought a movie to watch with me and it was really funny which was nice to laugh a lot.  It featured a choir in a Black church and it was very realistic so it was even more fun to watch. I am sure I would never have watched it on my own.

I watched Price and Prejudice at my daughter’s and it was very enjoyable.  I don’t tend to watch movies very much except for some on the Hallmark channel.

Father, thanks for laughter and good times.  Amen.

Proverbs 17:22




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