July 5

PT…..physical therapy….

In the last few years I have had a lot of physical therapy.  I had months of it after my hip replacement and I have had more for my back.  Most of my PT for my back has been in Cordova and since we do not have regular physical therapist, we have a lot of travel persons in that role.

It is very interesting to me how difference each one of these persons is.  Oh, I don’t mean in their manner, but more in the different exercises they give you and their approach to the problem.

Today I went to the physical therapist upon the advice of my doctor.  I had started having back spasms which is something new and she thought I should give PT a try.  This therapist took a totally different approach and it will be interesting to see if that changes of the next few weeks.

He wants me to use the treadmill twice a day and to do exercises twice a day.  Most of the exercises the last therapist prescribed were ones standing up.  So far, these are all with my lying down.

I really don’t have a preference as long as they are helpful which I am hoping they will be.

I find all of this most interesting and will be eager to see how things progress  in the next few weeks.  I will visit the PT twice a week for a month and they get a re-evaluation and go from there.  This guy is here for six months so I should see him quite a bit.

Father, I am thankful for the many different people who are trained and have skills to help others.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go to PT and to get help.  And I am thankful you are the great physician and healer.  I am blessed.  Amen.

Isaiah 41:10; 53:5


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