July 6

Photo books….

I worked on the photos for the photo book I want to make for my son in law to commemorate his retirement.  In the beginning I thought it would go faster than it did, but I worked on it for many hours and was not able to get it finished.  I worked on several pictures enhancing them and lightening a few.

That’s the thing with digital photography.  It takes more time than people realize to get everything just right.  I have read that some people just take images with no thought to how much time they might have to spend in post production while others are adamant that you should get everything right when you take the photo to avoid all that post production work.  I think I tend to agree with the latter group.  Saving time seems good to me.  The problem with these photos is that the glare and light from the outdoors came in through the very sheer curtains and  they were yellow which is one of the hardest colors to photograph with digital equipment.  Hence, my need to work on them before they are printed in any format.

I need to work on them again tomorrow and hope for better progress.


At the hospital we worked on a puzzle with lots of cats in it.  They reminded me of a cat we had when I was a child.  This cat was named Tiger and acted like one too.  I remember him getting into lots of cat fights at night and my mother having to use gentian violet on his cuts and scrapes.  She scolded him the entire time she worked on him, threatening to stop taking care of him if he continued to get in fights in the night.  I am sure she would never have carried through on her threat, but thinking back about it made me laugh.  I told me friend the story and it elicited a good chuckle from her too.  It was fun to remember that story.  I had not thought of it in a long, long time.

Father, you are so good to us and to all of your creatures.  That old tiger cat was happy to have my Mom take care of him and I suspect he knew it too.  Thank you.  Amen.

Genesis 1:1-31


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