July 7


I am supposed to do my PT exercises twice a day and use the treadmill twice a day.  I know this, but I have not been doing it.  This morning I think I realized why.  Every morning I mind map my day and I write down all the things I need to do and want to do.  Not once have I written exercise on my “map.”  I know I don’t have to write it down to do it, but I think putting things down each morning is so ingrained in me that if i leave it off, I don’t think about it and then I don’t do it.

I also know that  once I get in the habit of exercises and using the treadmill twice a day I probably won’t need to put it on my mind map, but I also know it will still help me if I do.

I shared this idea with the physical therapist this morning during my session and he wanted to see a mind map.  I will take mine next week when I have my appointment.

Speaking of mind maps, I am trying to incorporate the bullet idea too.  This is an idea a friend told me about and I especially like the idea of putting the month down day by day so I can map out the big and upcoming events where I can see them.  I think it is helpful to keep things in perspective and not forget something.

My husband used to tell me a time would come when I would start to forget things.  I am not sure it is here in full bloom, but I do know I occasionally forget things and this will help me remember.

Now I need that map and the commitment to stick to what it says about exercise.

Father, thank you for tools that help me organize and structure my days and help me do the things I need to do daily.  I love  you.  Amen.

Psalm 119:11


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