July 8

More memories….

I started my cleaning this afternoon after working on the photo book in the morning.  Of course you know what happens when you clean, you discover treasures which lead to long forgotten memories.

I found the first apron I ever made back in seventh grade.  Naturally, I did not throw it away.

I found a photo of my mother-in-law with Santa Claus, framed no less.  I could not recognize the Santa, but I am going to send the photo to my sister in law who will be surprised to see it.  I know I was.

And I found some really old paper napkins, actually quite a few.  They had the name Harding on them and I know they had to have been long before my time in the family.  I only remember seeing them once long, long ago.  I think they must have been used at a bar b que from the design.

I found a lot of misplaced items, like napkin rings, cloth napkins an even a brand new holiday tablecloth.

Cleaning is such fun and leads to such great discoveries.  Since I have a lot more drawers and closets to clean, I have many more discoveries to look forward to.  It is going to be such fun.

And of course the side benefit is room for other tings once you organize, straighten and make better use of your space.

Father, thanks for laughs and for hidden discoveries bringing with them many wonderful discoveries long forgotten.  Amen.

Proverbs 17:22; Psalm 126:2


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