July 10


How do you know the will of God?

Sometimes it seems easy.  The door just pops open and you think it has to be the will of God because there is no other way that particular door could have opened.  I remember when I was trying to get a bus driver’s license to drive the Christian Center bus.  I couldn’t find a bus in town that would pass the Dept of Motor Vehicles inspection test except for one–the city’s school bus and they would not let me borrow it to take the test.

Imagine my surprise when my husband met me at my classroom door and told me to hurry I had to go take the bus driver’s test.  The school wanted me to drive kids on field trips in their bus so they made it available for me to take the test.  I accomplished my goal which was a school bus driver’s license and it seemed obvious that they had to be God’s will as I had been unable to make it happen myself.

Other times discerning God’s will doesn’t seem particularly easy.  We pray and pray and try to figure out what God wants us to do and it is not as obvious.  In that case we have to rely on talking to others who might be able to guide us or thinking about other possibilities.  But even then it is not always crystal clear.

It seems that in this case we have to make a decision and start to move forward.  If in the process we start to feel that all is not well, I think we can assume that we have not correctly discerned the will of God.  I think brain decisions are not always the best ones.  Sometimes the decisions that come from the heart, 0r those that seem instinctively right, are the ones we have to rely on.

Whatever we do decide we have to continue to pray and try to think about how we feel once we make the decision.  If we are still questioning ourselves or feel slightly uncomfortable, it seems that maybe we have not discerned God’s will and it is time to wait again.

Prayer is the key I believe.

Father, I want to be in your will in all areas of my life and I know there are times when I simply do not know your will.  Help me to be patient, to pray without ceasing and to listen for your voice.  I know you will guide me.  Amen.

Romans 12:2; Isaiah 30:21; James 1:5


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