July 17

Don’t borrow trouble….

Did you ever hear that old saying?  I think it means that when you worry or fret over something you are looking ahead to a problem of some sort.  This was a big saying with my mother-in-law.

I have been thinking about it these days.  We have been having such beautiful, gorgeous weather in Cordova-blue skies, warm days and no rain.  It has been quite lovely.  However, I’ve noticed that when you remark on the wonderful weather, you often get a comment about how terrible the winter weather is going to be. Now, I don’t actually see how we can already know in advance what the winter weather is actually going to be.

And even if we should be able to predict it, is there anything we can actually do to change it?  I don’t think so.  It just seems so silly to me and I have to laugh to myself of course over this constant worry or obsession with the coming weather.

Why not just enjoy the nice weather we are having this summer and deal with the weather this winter when it arrives?  I don’t think we can actually change it by worrying or comparing it to this season’s weather.  There is nothing we can do as far as I can tell.

So, my comment is “Don’t borrow trouble.”

Father, I know you are in charge of the weather and of all things and we need to accept whatever comes.  I am thankful for the beautiful days of summer and I look forward to winter regardless of the weather it brings.  Amen.

Matthew 8:26-27


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