July 18

Another discovery…

It seems that this is the summer of discoveries, some old, some new.That’s great.  I love discoveries.

Today I discovered two things actually.  The City has a drop box for payments outside the library on the Main Street level and another one on the ground floor level near the parking lot.  That will be a big help when I need to make a payment and it’s before 8:00 or after 5:00.

I also discovered how to handle mailing boxes that are much to heavy for me to carry in to the counter.  I went in and asked if I could use a hand truck.  The clerk told me to drive to the back door which is where you pick up packages that are sizeable and ask for help.  So I did just that.  two clerks came to my aid and helped get the boxes for mailing out of my car and onto the hand truck.  Then I drove back to the front and went in to wait my turn.

One of the clerks who had helped me came out with my boxes and started checking them in.  Since they were media for mail it took a bit of time to get the rate and all that.  I had thought I would try for some man outside the post office, but the only men I saw were elderly and I wasn’t sure I should ask them.  But getting help from the clerks was a better option.

The clerk told me I couldn’t mail the photos I had packed in one box, but I assured her that I had asked in advance.  She went to check and came back with the good news that it was OK to mail photos which made me happy.  Even with media mail, it was not an inexpensive trip to the Post Office, but I am glad they are on their way.  I had to build a box for the photos as I couldn’t find any box that would work.  I googled it and after a little bit had a suitable box.  It was not perfect by any means, but lots of duct tape did the job and I think it will stay together.

My discoveries today were just what I needed and will be useful in the future too.  Not bad.

Father, thank you for more discoveries which will be very helpful for the future as well.  I am blessed. Amen.

Hebrews 11:6


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