July 19

Donut trials….

Rules are made for a reason.  We always say this to our kids, but it applies to adults as well.

Last year when we made donuts, we were finally able to get the cake donuts to look like they are supposed to, but we could not get the buttermilk to work.  After the donut making day I called a company in Seattle and the guy I talked to gave me some specific information to help me be successful.  We applied that information today and it worked well.  You have to get the temperature of the water and the batter to be correct, have enough floor time (standing time between mixing and frying).  But the really big key to success with buttermilk donuts is flipping them twice.  This gets the crack on the top.  So what this means is that once you drop the donut in the fryer and it rises to the top, you immediately flip them.  Then they fly for a specific amount of time and you flip them again and fry them on the next side.

When you fry regular cake donuts, you flip them once they rise to the top of the grease and you time them.  Once the time is complete, you remove them from the grease and they are ready to be iced.

It seems like such a simple thing, but leaving it out means the donut just looks misshapen and does not crack which is the traditional look to a buttermilk donut.  So the simple rule is two flips, not just one.  When you follow the rules, you are successful.  When you don’t, you are not successful.

Today we had a little trouble with the cake donuts and the size and the closing of the hole in the middle.  I called the company I talked with last year and they confirmed which I had suspected.  The dial needs to be set to a bigger number to get a bigger donut.  I will try that tomorrow and hope for the best results.

Although orders are continuing to come in even now, but we did not top 100 which we did last year.  I am not sure why, but there will be another opportunity so I am not worried.  Since we are raising money for the mission trip next summer, it is not crucial yet.

Father, you are so good to us and I am so thankful for your help. I am praying that tomorrow goes well with no big difficulties.  Amen.

Matthew 5:16; Acts 20:35


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