July 31

Special unexpected blessings…

When I first heard about the volunteer team that has been here for a week, I never anticipated being the recipient of all of their craft supplies, craft kits and sports equipment.  It is all quite nice and I even have a new set of drawers to keep the craft items in thanks to a friend of mine who was getting rid of them.

We used one of the sports games in Sunday School this morning and the young teen who came with the group was my helper so I could see how to assemble it and how to use it.

Blessings are always wonderful.  Special blessings are really wonderful and special  unexpected blessings are the best.

I can already anticipate using these supplies and the equipment with the Good News Kids and Kids of the Kingdom this year and it will be fun as some of the kids will be those who attended the Fisher-Friends Club this past week.  I am sure once they see some of the equipment they enjoyed in the summer, it will make using it even more fun.

Tomorrow it is back to work and back to school, but I am thankful to start the year off with my cleaning behind me and the cameras on their way to New York.  Going to work will feel like a rest I think.

Father, thank you for special unexpected blessings that will continue to bless me throughout the year.  Thank you for always taking care of my needs and for helping me.  You are wonderful.  Amen.

Numbers 6:24-26


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